Tuesday, October 3

Asteroid Coming Towards Earth Now

Our universe is full of many mysteries and events. Every day some astronomical events happen here.  The most common of these is that of an asteroid coming towards the earth. It is not that these asteroids pass only near the earth. These asteroids keep moving in the universe. And due to this speed, sometimes they collide with the big planet or pass very close to it.  Although they are not harmful, when they collide with the big planet, then some change happens there. As such, these asteroids have been instrumental in eradicating the existence of giant creatures like dinosaurs. 

asteroid coming towards earth

Asteroid coming towards earth

What is the name of that asteroid?

According to Dr. Shashi Bhushan, astronomical scientist of Aryabhata Research Institute of Observational Science an asteroid will pass close to the Earth on 24- 25 July.  Its name is 2008 Jio 20 whose size is more than 200 meters. When this asteroid will come close to the earth, then its distance will be 28  lakh kilometers from the earth.  Because of which there is no possibility of this asteroid hitting the Earth.  According to him, it is moving at a speed of 8 km per second. 

According to Dr. Pandey, 92 asteroids have passed close to the earth so far 2021. Of these, three dozen were such whose size was less than 1 meter.  For this reason, the information of their passing could not be found. However, there was no threat to the earth from such small asteroids. According to him, this year three more massive asteroids are going to pass close to the Earth.

Asteroid 2021

According to NASA ( National Aeronautics And Space Administration), the biggest threat in the coming time is from an asteroid called Apophis. This Apophis asteroid will pass very close to the earth in 2036, which scientists are considering as a threat. 

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