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Artificial Insemination Will Also Be Used In Goats.

Everyone must have heard about artificial insemination. For some reason, if a female cannot conceive, then reaching the semen in her uterus in some other way and conceiving is called artificial insemination. In humans, it is used medically to eliminate infertility. But in animals, it is done for general breeding. Do You Know That Even Animals Were Prosecuted? The female is impregnated by having the semen from a safely collected male animal enter the reproductive tract through an instrument. The children born through this process are as strong as the natural-born child.

There are many methods of extracting semen for artificial insemination, which main ones are (1) Artificial vagina, (2) mechanical manipulation, and (3) electrical stimulation, etc. Artificial insemination should be done by experts immediately after the semen has been collected. If for some reason, it is not possible to perform this insemination immediately, the semen is kept securely in a clean, sterile glass cup or test tube.

Artificial Insemination in goats

Till now, artificial insemination techniques have been used for pregnancy only in cows and buffaloes. But now, this technique is being used in goats also. This technique was used in the Central Sheep Breeding Center sometime back. This technique was used on goats which has yielded positive results. More than 100 goats can be conceived from a good breed goat.

Artificial insemination in goats

Good breed goats can be produced by artificial insemination technique. Till now, all the goats and goats born through this technique are in good health. The goats born by this insemination are also more in weight and are giving good milk. An advantage of this technique will also be that a good breed goat will be born with more weight and get more meat. It will help the poor people financially. Along with this, the income of the country will also increase from goat rearing.

Benefits of this technique

The artificial Insemination Technique was tested on 50 goats at the Central Sheep Breeding Farm. All the male and female goats born with this technique are entirely healthy.
The weight of a baby goat born is typically 1.5 kg. But the goat baby born with artificial insemination technique weighs up to three kilograms.
A normal goat gives about 800 grams of milk in a day. But the goat produced by the artificial insemination technique is giving 1.5 liters of milk.
Goat rearing is employment in rural areas. Goat farming is not too difficult. Goat’s diet is less than other animals. Goat milk is digestible and nutritious. Its milk contains up to 4 percent protein. Goat’s milk has less fat content, which makes it even more beneficial. However, other animals’ milk is also suitable for health.

Artificial insemination in goats

About 26 types of goat breeds are found in India. In which Gaddi, Chiangthagi, Chegu, Sirohi, Marwari, Jakhrana, Beetle, Barbari, Jamunapari, Mehsana, Gohilwadi, Jhalawari, Kutchi, Surti, Sangamneri, Teresa, Kodi Peach, Atta Padi, Konkanyal, Berari, Pantja, Osmanavadi, Malawari, Ganjam, Bengal, Kani Aadu, are prominent.
The artificial insemination technique was used on goats a year ago to improve the breed of goats. It is expected that this successful test of this technique will prepare good breed goats in the country.

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