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Monday, March 20

Apple tv launch date.

Apple is set to release a more expensive Apple TV in October alongside the new iPhones, according to reports.
The new box — which will eventually become a hub for Apple’s plans to take on Netflix — will at first include Siri support, a redesigned remote control and an app store that will allow developers to run programs on it.
The app store and new remote together look set to see the Apple TV take on gaming consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation — which have both tried to become more like media players — as well as the traditional set-top boxes.
The new controllers will have both real buttons and a touchpad. It will also have motion sensors for uses such as driving games.
It will also have an integrated microphone that will allow the box to be controlled by Siri. Apple has hinted at a prominent placing for Siri at the event in its invitations.
Users will also be able to connect up other controllers through the box’s built-in Bluetooth.
The new Apple TV will become available in October, according to the reports, after delays that scuppered Apple’s plans to launch it in June.
It will cost as much as $200, and the final price might be $149 or $199.
That makes it considerably more expensive than the existing Apple TV, which has traditionally cost $99 and was then reduced to $69 in March. But Apple will continue to offer the cheaper Apple TV as a basic option, without the advanced features.
The new Apple TV will look similar to the old one, but be thicker and slightly wider.
Eventually, the new Apple TV is likely to become the place from which Apple launches its plans to take on Netflix with a complete streaming TV and film service. But that isn’t expected to launch for some time, as Apple battles to get the TV channels and networks on board.
The new streaming service is likely to be offered on the existing third-generation Apple TV as well as the new one, according to the reports.
Apple is set to launch the new box alongside the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, at an event on September 9.

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