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Switch on Your Peace of Mind with Cloud Cam

In the world of smart security cameras cloud cam has distinctively established itself with enhanced features and competitive pricing.  It’s easy to set up and use and offers hoards of facilities that are a must have for the overall security of the house.

cloud cam

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What is cloud cam?

These cams are highly sensitive indoor security cameras which take care of your house while you are away. They capture the slightest of the motions and alert you through the devices you connect to them leaving you stress free even while you are out on a holiday or shopping.

Why do We Need a Cloud Cam?

  • The easy answer is peace of mind.
  • Allowing you to keep tabs on your home from anywhere.
  • Let’s you stay in touch with your household.
  • Check in when the kids are back from school,
  • tell the parcel guy to deliver it next door
  • Say hello through the  Cam App.
  • Stay in touch with Old people at home
  • Keep a watch on pets at home.

Features of Cloud Cam-

What are the features that define a cloud cam? Before going for a good cloud cam we have to look for certain features which will keep your house safe in your presence or otherwise.

  1. Cloud storage of recorded video or images
  2. Keep a tab on all activities thorough  your smartphone
  3.  To  be able to view live video from anywhere, on any device
  4. To be able to manage multiple cameras easily

How do you get all these features? The answer is to connect the camera to the cloud and turn your device into a cloud IP camera.

You can even turn on the push notification which sends alerts on your phone when a person or some motion is detected.

It records 1080p cloud video recording, day or night thanks to its built-in night vision, and features two-way audio so that you can remotely talk to the water bottle delivery man or the parcel delivery boy.

Video clips are stored for 24 hours within Amazon cloud Drive. Once a video is deleted from Amazon Drive it cannot be recovered.

Know How Cloud Camera Service is Set Up Or Know How Cloud Camera is Used-

When you order a cloud-cam you get the cam itself, a USB wall adapter, nine-foot USB power cable, a mounting plate, and wall-mount hardware.

It captures a wide 120 degree view and has a fairly sensitive two way audio. A web viewing feature has also been added to the cloudcam.

This cam is extremely easy to use. You have to just follow the instructions, plug it into the outlet and download the cloudcam app. Connect it to the internet via Wifi and lo your new security system is ready to use. You can place anywhere in the house or screw it onto the wall.

  • Download the Cloud-cams app from your device’s app store. The Cloud-Cam app is available on mobile phones and tablets with:

iOS 9.3 or later

Android Lollipop 5.0 or later

Fire OS 5.0 or later

  • Follow the instructions on the cloud cam app and connect to your wifi
  • Complete the set up and check the live view

The Cam and cloudcam app will allow to you watch and download the videos of the last 24 hours. These are the two other plans apart from the basic plan

Basic ($6.99 / month, or $69 / year): offers access to the last seven days of motion-detection clips for up to three cameras

Extended ($9.99 / month, or $99 / year): offers access to the last 14 days of motion-detection clips for up to five cameras

Pro ($19.99 / month, or $199 / year): offers access to the last 30 days of motion-detection clips for up to 10 cameras

Cloud Cam features eight infrared LEDs and Cloud Cam’s computer vision algorithms automatically activate night vision when lighting is dim. Turn on/off night vision LEDs in the Cloud Cam App.

How does Cloud Cam work?

When Cloud Cam is on, it records a few seconds of video in temporary storage on the device and continually writes over it. This allows Cloud Cam to be ready to capture your motion events at any time and reduces latency for clip generation and notifications. Cloud Cam only streams to the cloud when it detects motion or when you turn on your live view. When and only when motion is detected on the device, Cloud Cam streams it to the cloud for analysis by advanced computer vision algorithms. When a motion event is confirmed, a video clip of the event is created and you can access the clip through your Cloud Cam App

Best Cloud Camera Service-

Several companies have made the foray into the market of security cameras and are offering products at competitive rates. Nest cam indoors, Amazon cloud cam, Ring spotlight cam, Canary,net gear are some of the reputed names in the market.  With every paid plan each company has its own offer of additional features in addition to cloud recordings.

Security Camera Storage Compared: Basic Plans-

Company  Plan name Cost per month/year Cameras included Storage days Cost per additional camera
Amazon Basic $7/$70 Up to 3 7 n/a
Ring Protect basic $3/$30 1 60 $3/month or $30/year
Nest Nest aware 5 day $5/$50 1 5 days $3/month

Courtesy : tomsguide

Advantages of Cloud Cam-

  • View live video streams,

Cloud cam helps you to live stream videos-

  • Replay motion alert clips, and know when Cloud Cam detects activity.
  •  You can Watch, download, and share the last 24 hours of clips for free.
  • Remote viewing,
  • regular updates,
  • compact and convenience,
  • Increased stability and above all cost effective pricing are some of the many advantages that cloud cam has to offer.
  • Intelligent alerts
  • Cloud Cam’s motion detection and computer vision technology provides customizable notifications so you only get the alerts that matter.
  • Get intelligent alerts like person detection
  • Always-ready motion detection feature helps to capture activities right from the start.
  • You can also delete all recordings at any time on manage your content and devices
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