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All Information About To The Case Of Aryan khan

Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is in a lot of discussions these days. He has been taken into Custody For Using Drugs. Aryan Khan was detained on October 2 from a cruise in Mumbai, then arrested and sent to NCB custody till October 4. After that, on October 4, the matter was heard again, and police sent Aryan to custody till October 7. On October 7, Aryan once again appeared in the court. After the hearing in the court, eight accused, including Aryan Khan, were sent to judicial custody for 14 days. After this, Shahrukh Khan applied for bail for his son Aryan and his two friends. The bail application was made by Satish Maneshinde, who is Aryan’s lawyer. But Mumbai’s Chief Metropolitan Magistrate RM Nerlikar rejected Aryan’s bail application, saying this court was not the right place for this application.

Aryan Khan

Aryan’s trouble has increased after the bail was denied. Now he will have to stay in Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai. Along with Aryan khan, other accused will also have to serve a sentence in Arthur Jail. Aryan was sent to jail along with other charged on Friday. The new accused who come under the Coronavirus rules are quarantined for five days. Therefore Aryan is also living in quarantine for five days. However, according to the information, Aryan Khan’s Covid 19 test has come negative. Along with this, he has also got both doses of coronavirus vaccine.

The Daily Routine Of Aryan Khan In Jail

It has come to know from the jail officials that no special service of any kind is going to Aryan Khan in the jail. He is treating like prisoners like other accused. Here his lifestyle has become quite different. Aryan Khan and the other accused will have to complete the quarantine period of 5 days. Let’s see what Aryan Khan’s routine is in jail.

According to the Arthur Road Jail Manual of Mumbai, everyone has to get up at 6 o’clock; Aryan also follows this rule. After dealing with all the work, he is given breakfast at 7 o’clock. He has to eat jail food, and he cannot take anything from outside. Lunchtime is at 11 o’clock, so Aryan is made to sit with the rest of the prisoners and have lunch. Prisoners are allowed to roam outdoors after lunch, but in this case, Aryan Khan and the other accused have to complete the first five days quarantine period. According to the prison rules, food is served at 6 in the evening, although sometimes prisoners eat at 8 o’clock. Due to this, they are allowed to keep the plate with them.

However, if any prisoner wants something from the canteen, he can buy it and eat it. For this, the prisoner will have to pay money first, and this money is given through a money order. In this case, Aryan Khan can buy something for himself if he wants.

Supporters Of Aryan Khan

However, an investigation is still going on by NCB. But think from where our young generation is being told. I don’t know whether Aryan Khan is innocent or guilty, but If the young age does this, the country’s future will end. Many celebrities have raised their voice in favor of Aryan Khan including Hritik Roshan, Raveena Tandan, Farah Khan, etc

Where Is Going Our Young Generation?

It is not a matter of supporting; it is a matter of drug addiction, which today’s young generation is falling prey to. How cases of illegal drug trafficking have increased in India has deepened the apprehension that a large part of the youth population in our country may be in the grip of drugs. Drugs are reaching the youth, taking them in their grasp, so this problem is more social and future than law and order. The Young Generation Is The Future Of The Country, so save your children from drugs and intoxicants. Because as easy as it is to get intoxicated, it is equally difficult to get rid of it in our country.

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