Monday, October 18

Aditya Narayan arrested for hitting a car with an auto rikshaw

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Aditya Narayan, son of Udit Narayan, has been arrested by the Versova Police for his alleged involvement in a collison with an auto rickshaw. A passenger who was in auto was injured in this accident. Police have taken action against Aditya under sections 279 and 338 of the Indian Penal Code.  But only a few hours later, he was given bail by paying Rs 10,000 as compensation.

Aditya Narayan


aaditya narayan car


The same news came last year too against Aditya Narayan

According to the news last year, due to carrying more luggage than fixed weight, he was stopped at the airport. Aditya was upset and he gave up the threat to the airline officer. Aditya had said, ‘If you do not let me in, then I will see you in Mumbai because anyhow I will land Mumbai. You don’t me I am Aditya Narayan. ‘ Airlines staff had asked for 13,000 rupees for the extra cost  from Aditya but Aditya told the female staff that he would not give one paisa more than Rs. 10,000. At the same time, the airline staff said that if you do not apologize at this time you will not be allowed to travel. Aditya later apologized.

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This unapologetic behavior from stars should be taken seriously. One should always remember that law is equal for all. It is applicable to you if you are guilty whether you are a celebrity or politician.


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