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About The Ramlila In Different Countries

There are no words to describe the glory of Shri Ram. According to the scriptures and Puranas, whoever hears and narrates the story of Shri Ram, attains supreme bliss. To remember the story of Shri Ram and Mata Sita, people still organize Ramlila. By the way, it is a surprising thing that even in this modern world of mobile, people go anywhere to see Ramlila. This is not limited only to our country India.


According to the study of Ayodhya Research Institute, shocking news has come out. According to him, Ramlila takes place in more than a dozen countries of the world. Apart from this, the context of Shri Ram is flowing in more than five dozen countries in some form or the other. And even more surprising is that it also includes Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. Along with this, another Muslim country Myanmar is also involved. This clearly shows that if the mind has faith in Shri Ram, then religion cannot come in the middle. During the last few years, there were many occasions when Muslim actors played many characters in Ramlila. Their performance in Ramnagari captivated them.

Effects of Ramleela

The religion of Muslim countries like Indonesia and Myanmar is Islam but the culture there is Ramayana. You all will remember that a few years ago, Ramli Ibrahim, a theater artist of international repute associated with the identity of Ramlila in Malaysia, was honored with the Padma Shri by the Government of India. Apart from all these Muslim countries, Ramlila has global fame in countries like America, Fiji, Surinam, South Korea, Trinidad, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Thailand, Nepal, etc. Artists of the convener of Ayodhya Research Institute come from time to time from different countries and perform Ramlila in Ramnagari and do it so well that people get emotional. Wherever these artists go, they tie the knot in the gathering with their performances.


Ramleela in America 

Ramlila is also organized in America. This Ramleela has been organized in Mount Madam School here for the last 40 years. In this school, every year 250 children take training for Ramlila for three months session wise. Not only this, but they also present it very beautifully.

Ramlila in Fiji

According to the administrative officer of Ayodhya Research Institute, there is a widespread of Ramlila in distant countries and there is also a temple of Ramlila in Fiji. According to him, this temple was constructed 100 years ago. Here Ramlila takes place in the Ramleela Maidan which is traditionally rich.

In addition, there are 52 Mandalas of Trinidad’s Ramleela listed. In Thailand, the training center is also included with the traditional process of staging Ramlila. The Culture Of India In Thailand Too.


Ramlila In Ayodhya

This time Ramlila of Ayodhya will be played all over the world. This time in Ramleela of Ayodhya, artists like Ravi Kishan, Manoj Tiwari, Rahul, Shakti Kapoor, Shahbaz Khan, etc will present their art on stage. Sheeba Khan and Delhi Councilor Babita Khanna will also participate in it.

Law Minister Brajesh Pathak said that last year’s Ramleela of Ayodhya has been seen by more than 16 crore Ram devotees. This time he hopes that Ramlila will break all the records because this time many countries other than India will see this Ramlila. This Ramleela will be shown by satellite channels in many countries including America, Switzerland, Nepal, China, Japan, France, Bangladesh, and England.


Actor Rahul will be seen in the role of Shri Ram, while Rakesh Bedi will act in many roles. According to Captain Raj Mathur, he will be in the role of Bharat. Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari will be seen in many roles, while actor Ravi Kishan will play the role of Parashuram.

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