Tuesday, October 3

A Robot Did Surgery Of Brain In Bihar

Bihar, a few years ago was considered to be the most uneducated state in the country, where it used to get the first place in the list of literacy rate, that Bihar is now doing great work. Not only did the literacy rate increase here, but its people made their own identity on the basis of their talent.  The people here are trying to take Bihar to a new height on the basis of their talent.  This example of Patna AIIMS proves the same as where a robot did the surgery.


How This Robot did the surgery?

A robot has successfully operated on the brain tumor of a 65-year-old woman at AIIMS Patna. This is the first-ever robotic surgery done in Bihar’s government hospital. Although being told part of a demo. Successfully carried out brain surgery with this robot in two and a half hours. 

Robot did surgery

A company made this robot and sent it for demo at AIIMS in Patna. At the same time, a woman reached AIIMS in Patna for surgery for her brain tumor. Dr. Vikas Chandra Jha, Head of the Department of Neuro Surgery decided to do the surgery with a robot. For this, MRI and CT scan images of the patient’s brain were already inserted in robotic (auto-guided) neuronavigation. The robotic fix arm reaches the tumor safely with 0.1 mm of accuracy. It was re-examined during the operation with a CT scan machine. This showed that it had reached the right place. And do not damage other parts of the brain during surgery.


After that, the woman was successfully operated. Where such surgery used to take 8-10 hours, this robotic operation took only two and a half hours. Now that woman is completely fine and has been discharged.

Many tasks can be simplified with this kind of robotic operation. Hopefully, after the success of this demo, more robotic surgeries can be done successfully.

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