Tuesday, October 3

A Recent Update by Google Map

Google map is a application for mapping. It is provided by Google, free of cost. We can explore anything related to place, roads, river and many more. It provide best route for all roads around the world which is helpful for people include afoot, car and public vehicle. It uses a version of  Mercator’s projection, that’s why it cannot show the areas around the poles. But a similar application Google earth is the only application that shows the globe, including the poles as well as nearby areas and offers more features.

google map

Recent update of Google Map

Sometimes the picture which is shown by Google map is not recent. They are months and so many years old.

 Recently Google map illuminate a picture of island beneath the water of Arabian sea near the bank of Kochhi in the Kerala. The shape of this island is near about half the area of Kochhi city. The distance of this island is 7 kilo meter away towards west, from the bank. The dimension of this island is 8*3.5 kilo meter. Meanwhile, scientists were also unaware.  Now Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies is going for study of this island. Through satellite imagery, Google Maps has received this information. In this way Google map updates his information through satellite.

Need to update

This application is available in multi language. The voice feature is also available in it. Google Earth representative Brian McLendon said “the biggest challenge is the current availability of the data and the authenticity of the data.” As a result, in March 2008 Google added a features to edit the location of houses and businesses.

Still there is need of  daily update in Google map because roads and railways keep on developing. If this will happen then it will be easier for the people for finding the route and they will not struck in wrong ways.

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