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Wednesday, March 22

A New Medicine For The Treatment Of Covid Patients

Scientists from all over the world have been doing research in different ways to fight Corona.  Many types of vaccines are being tested and many types of medicines are being manufactured.  In addition, a new study has emerged regarding cholesterol-lowering medicine, which can be effective in fighting corona.  The use of statin drugs can reduce the risk of death from the corona.  Since this medicine is used to lower blood cholesterol. Statins are able to inhibit liver enzymes which are helpful in increasing cholesterol.  But now this medicine can also be used for the treatment of covid patients. 

treatment of covid

Analysis for the treatment of covid

According to the study, this medicine was used on corona patients. And it was found that it can reduce the risk of death by 41 percent.  According to the researchers from California University in the USA – patients who take statins and medicines that prevent high blood pressure have more ability to fight corona. Along with this, the risk of death in them can also be seen very less.

According to PLOS ONE magazine, this conclusion has been drawn on the basis of analysis of data of 10 thousand 541 patients. These patients were admitted between January and September last year for the treatment of covid.  There he observed that patients who are using cholesterol-lowering drugs are less at risk. From this, it can be concluded that these statins can help in fighting corona. 

treatment of covid

We can consider this as a success against Covid. Because just as the covid is changing its form due to mutation, in the same way, the doctors of the world will also have to move forward in their research.  Corona can be fought only by discovering and manufacturing such a medicine.  At present, all the countries are engaged in making their own medicine and vaccine. A new vaccine ZyCoV-D has also been successfully tested in India. 

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