Wednesday, November 29

A New Alert For The Battleground Mobile India Users

If you are using Battleground Mobile India, then the company has issued an alert for you. The company is going to issue an alert for its users. Through this alert, when you open the app, the company is giving you a warning. According to that alert, if you are found using any illegal program, the company will access your account. According to the new alert post made by Krafton, if any inappropriate activity is found in the game, action can be taken by the company against the user’s account. The investigation of such activities has started on 15 September.

battleGround Mobile India

According to reports, this will continue until Krafton company himself decides to stop it. It is a kind of reminder for the players who are using illegal programs on Battleground Mobile India.
The company of Battleground Mobile India was receiving complaints about some wrong type of program being used during the game, after which the company has issued this alert.

According to Krafton’s latest post, “New types of illegal programs and activities have recently been spotted which will be dealt”. For this, there are certain criteria that, if complied with, the company can take action against the player’s account. The company has created powerful software to detect illegal programs on the user’s account during the game. However, all the players of Battleground Mobile India need not worry because, according to the company, this software can sometimes make mistakes. So if you are not using an illegal program, you will not have any problem using BattleGround.

How will users get the warning?

The company will show a warning of using an illegal program through a pop-up message in the game. You will see this pop-up message on three types of illegal work.

  • If the user has installed “Illegal program or untrusted assistant program” on the phone,
  • If you are using a rooted or jailbroken device,
  • Also, If you are using someone else’s account,
  • You have installed the app from a non-official source,

All this means that you have done some illegal activity. The company may have access to your account when abnormal data is detected on your account.

How Your account be safe?

Battleground Mobile India will conduct a routine repair program of sorts. According to Krafton, the only way to restore your account and switch to playing the game legal is following:

First, tap on the Arrow in the lower right corner of the lobby.
After that, tap on Settings > Basic and then Log Out at the bottom left corner.
Then, tap Repair in login screen > Check Routine repair and click on OK,”

After doing all these settings, you will know that your data is normal. Then, you can log in to your account and play the game as usual. But if you proceed without doing your routine repair checkups, Battleground Mobile India’s security system will not allow players to log in. After this, you may face obstacles in using the game.

Krafton may ban the account for not following the guidelines and continuing illegal activity in Battleground Mobile India. So if you are doing any illegal program or activity on your account, be careful because your account will be closed soon.

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