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A Device Made By Vidyut Mohan Reduce Air Pollution.

Air pollution has taken a very dangerous form. Especially in Delhi and its surrounding areas, air quality has become so bad that people are finding it difficult to breathe. These poisonous particles spread in the air are making people very sick. During this, the shortness of breath increases greatly, and people are forced to live by suffocation. It is difficult for respiratory patients to get out of the house during this time. Looking closely at this problem, Vidyut Mohan, a resident of Delhi, has come up with a solution. He spoke to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about this. Let us know about it in detail.

Vidyut Mohan

Vidyut Mohan with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Scotland as part of his two-day visit to attend the Climate Change Summit organized by the United Nations. There he met Vidyut Mohan, a mechanical engineer based in Delhi. A portable and cost-effective machine, innovated by Vidyut, is being touted as a major part of a potential solution to air pollution. When Vidyut lived in Delhi, he often saw his grandmother falling ill due to air pollution. Even he and his other family members fall ill due to air pollution. Seeing his family members falling ill in front of him, Vidyut Mohan decided to find a solution. He has created a device that can improve air quality by up to 98%. The innovation is a small-scale, tractor mountable device that can convert tons of agricultural waste into renewable fuels and fertilizers.

What is the machine and how it works?

The machine developed by Vidyut Mohan uses the principle of coffee roasting. When agricultural residues are left in the fields of farmers, they burn them. It is the biggest reason for increasing air pollution. The equipment created by Vidyut Mohan can roast waste in controlled temperatures to produce fuel, fertilizers, and other products for use in agricultural land. This instrument was piloted in Uttarakhand. Now it is being tested in many places. Technology that reduces carbon emissions by up to 98% can help improve air quality and create jobs.

Most farmers in India’s agriculture-driven economy believe that burning waste is the most cost-effective way to clear land for new plantations. According to statistics, agricultural waste worth $ 120 billion is generated every year around the world. Whatever carbon is produced after burning this waste is dissolved in the air. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution caused by fires in agricultural land kills 7 million people every year. In addition, black carbon is responsible for the rapid melting of Himalayan glaciers. Because of this, the whole world is coming into great danger.

Vidyut Mohan with media

India as a nation recently resolved to reach net-zero by 2070 at the COP26 summit. founder Vidyut Mohan hopes that his meeting with PM Narendra Modi will translate into a partnership with the government to take innovation in a big way. The solution that Vidyut Mohan has come up with can play an important role in reducing carbon emissions in the air. Vidyut Mohan told the media that his conversation with the Prime Minister was only 2 minutes, but he was curious about my machine. Vidyut Mohan aims to scale up this solution on a large scale as soon as possible so that farmers can get its benefits. He says that he cannot do it alone; the government can play a big role. Private corporations also have to work together so that to bring stability to the value chain.

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