Saturday, September 23

A Dangerous Solar Storm Is Coming

With the arrival of monsoon in June-July, the chances of storms also start coming. But it is not that only with the arrival of the monsoon comes the storm. There can be many other reasons for storms.  Recently, scientists have predicted the possibility of a powerful solar storm.

solar strom

According to scientists, this happens every 11 years. A strong storm can occur due to the movement of the Sun’s surface and its explosion. According to him, its new phase started in 2019 and it will reach its peak by 2025.  This monsoon, which originated from the surface of the Sun, is coming towards the Earth at 16 lakh per kilometer. According to the US Meteorological Department, due to this powerful storm, high-frequency radio communication can be disrupted over a large area.

The storm is expected to hit the Earth’s upper atmosphere by Tuesday or Wednesday. Due to the disturbance of high-frequency radio communication, GPS, mobile signal, satellite TV, all can be disrupted. 

The scientists of America came to know about this storm on 3 July. Because when this storm originated, America’s communication was interrupted for a while. 

Such powerful solar storms have occurred before. 

solar strom

According to the data, there was a solar storm in 1972. Due to this solar storm, mobile and networking services were disrupted in many countries.  A mine that exploded due to a magnetic effect applied by the US Navy in the Vietnam Sea also exploded. 

The next solar storm came in 1989.  The hydropower project in Quebec, Canada, came to a standstill, disrupting electricity service for several million people.  Due to this storm, the northern light had become so strong that it was as light as day in the night itself.

 The next storm came in 2003 on 19 October. This storm, which lasted for about 15 days, had stalled power in many places of America. Radio service also came to a halt which was called Blackout.

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