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More than 80 million Facebook user data was stolen by Cambridge Analytics. Not 50 million which was earlier predicted

An important and shocking disclosure has come in the case of Cambridge Analytics and Facebook Data Leak. This is not revealed by anyone but Facebook itself. So far it was being said that Cambridge Analytica stole the personal information of 50 million people. Actually, this figure is 87 million.

Cambridge Analytics
source: incmagazine.com

Cambridge Analytics stole Facebook personal information

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reported that Cambridge Analytics wrongly shared the personal information of 87 million Facebook users during the 2016 US presidential election. This is one of the data mining applications. The company was then working for Donald Trump who is the current president of America. The company has also been accused of influencing the US presidential election.

Earlier, it was not revealed that Cambridge Analytics had misinterpreted the number of Facebook users’ personal information during the presidential US election. However, the company said in its statement that it has data of only 30 million Facebook users.

Cambridge Analytica has the most American users from Facebook that have incorrectly taken the data. This data released by Facebook has been told that over 70 million Facebook users of the US have taken the information incorrectly by Cambridge Analytica. However, only 5 lakh 62 thousand users of India have information about Cambridge Analytica.

Source: Firstpost

Zuckerberg’s  to face the US Congress on April 11

Facebook’s CEO Zuckerberg will be present before the Council of the United States Congress on 11 April for the misuse of FB users’ personal information by Cambridge Analytics. After being exposed to the alleged abuse of Facebook users’ personal information, this muscular composition is being done. The Congress Committee expressed hope that this hearing could introduce many new things in the Facebook user’s leak case.

A few years will take to overcome the difficulties

Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who are facing criticism in the data leak case, also defended the company’s business model while keeping its side. He said that the problems that emerged from acquiring the personal information of the users will take some years to remove. Facebook is working fast on this.

Mark Zukerberg told his problems

Zuckerberg said that one of the problems of Facebook is that he is “idealistic”. We focused on the positive aspects of connecting people. But, do not think about the negative use of tools. He said that I believe that now people are focusing on risks and negative aspects.

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