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4 Ways To Relieve Gas Problem In Babies

Everyone is troubled by the problem of gas happening in the stomach. Whether it is a child or old age, anyone gets the problem of gas. Older adults understand if there is a problem with gas and do their treatment accordingly. But if a small baby has a problem of gas in the stomach, there is a problem because small babies themselves cannot tell their disease. We mean a child of 0 to 6 months by small babies because such children drink only mother’s milk throughout the day. Therefore, only milk remains in their stomach, due to which they get the gas problem. Often it is not suitable for such children to take medicine every time. Today we are telling some easy ways to get rid of the gas problem in a small child, which will help you get rid of the gas problem in your baby’s stomach. We include everything from home remedies to easy exercises that relieve gas problem in babies. Pregnancy Exercises for a Happy Mother and a Healthy Child

gas problem in babies

Remedies for get rid of the gas problem in babies.

Asafoetida paste

Asafoetida is used for cooking at home, but it is perfect Ayurvedic medicine. Applying asafetida paste on the stomach of the child gets rid of the problem of gas. To make asafetida paste, first mix asafetida with hot water. After that, stir it well. Now keep that asafoetida paste to cool down. When the paste cools down, apply it well on the navel area of ​​the baby. In this way, this is a simple solution to get rid of gas in the baby.


Often tiny babies are always lying down. There is not much movement in their body, due to this they also get the gas problem. Often older people have a gas problem, then they take a little walk here and there, which gives relief to the gas problem. Similarly, tiny babies also need to exercise to get rid of gas. For this, cycling has to be done with the baby’s foot. You can watch the video below for how to do baby exercises to relieve the gas problem.

source: Jessi davin

Make babies burp

The most important thing that happens after feeding the baby is that the baby should burp. We must have often seen that we take a baby in our lap, and milk comes out of his mouth. It is due to the babies not burping. One of the oldest remedies for burping was to take the baby on the shoulder and gently pat it on its back. Apart from this, there are also some new methods which help in burping babies.

source: Eugene pediatric associates

Baby’s massage

A tummy massage is like magic in tiny babies. Not only does this get rid of gas, but also other digestive problems. Tiny babies should be given regular and daily body massages. Daily body and stomach massage will stop gas formation in babies. Many things happen to minor children that they cannot tell. Therefore, body massage is necessary for babies so that they get rid of stress in every way. The growth and development of the baby’s body are also well done by massage. You can watch the video below for how to massage babies.

source: InfacoIUK

These are all straightforward ways to get rid of the gas problem in babies. If you want, you can adopt any of these methods, and it will not cause any harm to tiny babies. Despite all this, if the gas problem in babies is not getting better, you should see your doctor. Because medicine of gas should not be given to a small child by your mind, be sure to consult a doctor before giving medicine. The doctor will provide medicine only after examining the babies thoroughly.

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